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Easy to make rooting liquid

2013-05-11 07:49 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

The weather is getting warmer, the atmosphere warms up, and it's the good season for cuttings. There are many cutting methods, and generally you like soil cutting or water cutting. But each person's operation method is different; coupled with the difference in plant species,Rooting is easy and difficult, which makes the survival rate different. In order to properly solve this problem, everyone likes to use rooting agents such as naphthalene acetic acid before cutting. This is indeed effective and the rooting survival rate has also increased.If the place is out of stock, the stock is out of stock, what should I do if I can’t buy it for a while?

The following introduces several home-made rooting agents, which do not need money to buy, and the effect is not worse than the one bought

1 Phosphate fertilizer solution. As mentioned above, rooting agents such as naphthalene acetic acid are actually rooting hormones. In fact, phosphate fertilizer solution also has the same effect. Because "phosphorus" can effectively promote the growth and development of plant cells and tissues.Promote plant wound healing and rooting.

Specific method: Before cutting, dilute the phosphate fertilizer solution with water, the proportion of water is 7 to 3, and then the pre-treated cuttings roots are immersed in the fertilizer, and the water part is 1/3 of the cuttings, 2-3After hours, take it out and rinse with water, and cut it as usual.

General varieties such as camellia,Chinese roseWait, cuttings can take root 10-22 days earlier with this method, and the roots are well developed and growing vigorously.

2 White sugar liquid is also a good rooting agent. After many people's experiments, the effect is obvious.

Specific method: first melt the white sugar with hot water, the ratio is water 9 sugar 1, after the sugar water cools, you can immerse the cut cuttings in it. Take out about 40-60 minutes, and rinse the cut with clean water.And use a sharp knife to cut part of the incision, and then you can cut it as usual.

After the above treatment, the survival rate of plants is much higher than that of general cuttings. Even rhododendrons and camellias that are difficult to root can reach more than 90%.

3 Willow extract, willow sap is a very good plant growth agent. Its liquid is rich in growth hormones, so it can survive both straight and inverted insertions and has strong vitality.

Specific method: Take some willow branches and leaves, smash the branches with a hammer, and then immerse them in water. After one day, remove the branches and leaves. The water is the willow extract.

The cuttings can be immersed in the next day, soaking for about 1 day, it does not matter if the time is longer, the willow sap can inhibit bacteriaReproductionIngredients Then cut as usual.

The roots are fast and more, the plant grows vigorously.

Aspirin is a commonly used analgesic. Its main ingredient is salicylic acid. I started to prepare an aqueous solution of aspirin with a concentration of one-thousandth. The test subject was a pot of mulberry that had just grown new leaves.Shake, and the other pot was not sprayed. A set of control experiments was conducted. The new seedlings were sprayed once a day at noon when the mouth was opened. As a result, the pot that sprayed aspirin quickly grew strong roots, and the growth rate was significantly faster than the other.The other pot grew at a normal rate, and the rooting time was one and a half months later than the former, and there were no flowers in the same year. According to my observation: the one sprayed with aspirinOne pot, the ability to resist drought has been significantly enhanced, and it is also soilless cultivation. The former is watered once a week without twisting leaves a feature of water shortage, and the latter needs to be watered once a day to ensure water supply.

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