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Family glass bottle flower arrangement

2013-05-11 07:51 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Fancy and elegant are two forms of flower arranging art. Each has its own beauty and no distinction between superior and inferior. But for the family's daily flower arrangement, simplicity and elegance are obviously more acceptable to most people.Because for the "outsiders" of floral art, only simplicity can allow them to step into the door of floral art, not just stay in the appreciation stage.

This flower art is especially suitable for home decoration in spring. It is easy to obtain materials and is particularly environmentally friendly. It does not need to use any flower mud. Dead branches are the best support. A few limonium, two roses, a bunch of dead branches, a fewSmall bean sprouts available at the vegetable market, a glass bottle, although simple, it has its own taste. The purple of limonium is matched with the light orange of rose; the dark brown of dead branches is matched with the green of small bean sprouts.It's hard not to be charming!

Flowers: short dead branches, limonium, rose, small bean sprouts, glass bottle.

1. Cut the dead branches into equal length pieces and stuff them into glass bottles.

2. Insert small bean sprouts in the gap between the dead branches.

3. Insert 3 branches of Limonium on the left, right and back of the branches.

4. Insert 2 roses, and finally place two ornamental bird ornaments to complete the shape.

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