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Is Oncidium easy to raise

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Many flower lovers of Oncidium say that it is not easy to grow, and it is difficult to reproduce flowers. In fact, as long as you master the habits of Oncidium, Oncidium is still very easy to grow. Oncidium is native to the tropical rain forest and the flowers are of various colors., The flowering period is long, from the first flower to the last flower lasts more than two months, the flower shape is beautiful, like a little girl dancing, so it is called "dancing orchid",

Oncidium cultivation key points are:

1. In places with high temperature and humidity, use tree ferns, hardwoods without oil and fat wood into boards, pots, etc., and in dry climates, use sphagnum fern roots, moss, etc. to be planted in porous pots.

2. Daily management of Oncidium generally does not have strict environmental requirements, but the temperature in winter should not be lower than 15℃, and the air humidity should be around 80% in four seasons. Spring, summer, and autumn require a semi-shady environment, and adequate in winterSunlight, but do not expose it to the hot summer sun.

OncidiumReproductionMultipurpose branchReproductionMethod, generally do not water immediately after branching, spray some water on the leaf surface when it is slightly dry, and then water when new roots grow, and then spray some average fertilizer, but the concentration should not be too high, generally 0.6% To 0.8%. During the maintenance process, the water should not be poured too much, so that the roots are easy to rot, attention should be paid to ventilation and light. If there are diseased plants, they should be destroyed in time and sprayed with some fungicides. The temperature and humidity during the flowering period are not easyToo high or too low, this will affect the life of the flower, shorten the flowering period, and even drop buds or wither early.

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