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Insectivorous plants eat insects, feed and fertilize

2013-04-28 09:15 Source: China Network of carnivorous plants: Network

Many friends who just started to know insectivorous plants will always ask curiously:

A. How do they eat insects?.

B. Will you starve to death if there are no insects to eat?

C. How should we feed the insects to them?

D. Do I want to fertilize them?

A. Insectivorous plants originally live in barren places in the wild, and they mainly rely on predation of insects to supplement their nutrition. There are three main ways of catching insects. Nepenthes, jarraceae, and earthen bottles are trapped by funnel-shaped traps. Once the insects fall toI can’t climb out of the traps; Venus flytraps and raccoon algae use shell-like insect traps to trap insects, which can trap hooked insects in the trap; Drosera and other surfaces have a lot of mucous glandular hairs.It's like a sticky paper sticking to flies, which can stick small insects on it.

B. Carnivorous plants are not like ordinary flowers and plants. They have very low demand for nutrients. In the case of artificial planting, the "soil" used by carnivorous plants contains necessary nutrients. Feed or fertilizeLike us, eating snacks and supplements is not necessary for survival.

C. If there are a small amount of insects in the planting environment, they may be able to catch them. Although feeding is not necessary, it is one of the great pleasures for many people to plant insectivorous plants. We can give these strange"Pets" are fed small insects or fresh high-protein "raw" foods cooked protein will denature and are not easy to digest. Generally we only feed interesting Venus flytraps, and other carnivorous plants are not recommended to feed food.When feeding, be careful not to feed too much food, so that the clip of the Venus flytrap can completely cover the food. The number of feeding clips should not exceed 1/3 of the total number of clips to avoid digestion, corruption, and affect hygiene andBeautiful. The clip will not catch insects during the winter dormancy period, so please do not feed it.

D. In order to avoid feeding problems, we recommend using fertilization to provide them with more nutrients. Generally, spray irrigation is used, and general compound fertilizers can be used every two weeks or so during the growing season and sprayed after dilution.Whole plant or irrigating insect trap. The concentration of fertilizer solution diluted is about 1/5 of ordinary plants. As shown in the product description, ordinary plants should be diluted 1,000 times. When used for insectivorous plants, it should be diluted about 5,000 times.Fertilization is better to apply thin fertilizer and frequently, and do not use too high concentration, so as to avoid the serious consequences of fat injury or fat death. Do not fertilize at will if you have no experience.Do not use fat when dormant, stop growing, or have symptoms.

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