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Can you still eat sweet potatoes when they are sprouted at home?

2020-08-24 08:49 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Sweet potato potatoes are more storage-resistant vegetables, but they tend to sprout for a long time when the weather is hot. Sprouted potatoes cannot be eaten. Can sweet potatoes be eaten if they are sprouted at home? Sweet potatoes, sweet potato sprouts, sweet potato leavesIt is non-toxic and can be eaten.

Although it is edible, sweet potatoes will lose certain nutritional value after germinating. During the germinating process, sweet potatoes' own nutrients are consumed and become dry, and its edible value and taste will be greatly reduced. It is not worthy of fire, but exceptSprout, and sometimes when the sweet potato rots, many people are used to cutting off the rotten part and eating the place where there is no rotten. This behavior is still risky.

Because rotten sweet potatoes will produce toxic substances saponone and saponol. Saponone and saponol will make sweet potatoes hard and bitter, and people will have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other acute gastrointestinal reactions after consumption, which may cause severeComa, vomiting blood or death.

we areFlowersInternet, so naturally I have to add a little bit related to appreciation. If the sweet potatoes at home have sprouted, they can be made to watchBonsaiThe effect is also good!

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