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How to pot cucumber?

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1. Features

Potted yellow claws are an integral part of garden cucumber production. Potted cucumbers in the garden have the following characteristics:

1 Small size, light weight, and can be moved arbitrarily.

2 It can be planted in any place with growing conditions. Open field cultivation can make full use of the idle space of the garden; cultivation in various protected areas in the garden can make full use of the facility space.

3 Not only can you taste and cultivate your sentiment, but also can be picked at any time to increase economic income. Therefore, potted cucumber is a very suitable form of garden cucumber cultivation.

2. The way and season of potted cucumbers

Potted cucumbers are divided into open-air cultivation and protected-field cultivation. Open-air cultivation is to place potted melons in the open air without protective equipment, allowing cucumbers to grow under natural climate conditions, such as the courtyard side, ground corner, balcony, corridor,Houses buildings roofs and other places. Protected cultivation is to plant potted melons with protective equipment to allow cucumbers to grow under artificially created suitable environmental conditions, such as large and medium-sized plastic arch sheds in gardens, improved sunbeds, solar greenhouses and greenhouses.Three-dimensional cultivation is carried out on the bed frame of the warm greenhouse.

Potted cucumbers can be divided into soil cultivation and soilless cultivation according to the culture medium. The soil cultivation is introduced below. The cultivation season of potted cucumber varies with different cultivation methods. If it is cultivated in the open air, its cultivation season is different from thatThe open field cucumbers are the same; if three-dimensional cultivation is carried out in various protected areas, the cultivation seasons are the same as the cucumber cultivation seasons in the corresponding protected areas.

3. Requirements for pots and nutritional preparation

Pots, pottery pots are the best, followed by porcelain pots. Enamel pots. Wooden pots and plastic pots, etc. The size of the pots. There is no uniform size for the shape. To make cucumbers reach a certain output, the volume of the pots should not be large or small.It should be more than 20 cm, and the height of the pot should not be less than 15 cm. The holes in the bottom of the pot should not be large and small, and it is best to use a "five-eye" pot. If it is a single hole with thick eyes, the bottom of the pot should be buckled with curved tiles to prevent soil fromLeak in the hole.

Because the volume in the pot is limited, the nutrient soil must be rich in organic matter and nutrient-rich. The formula of nutrient soil is as follows for reference.

1 Take 60% of fertile sandy loam soil vegetable fields that have not grown melon crops, 20% dry manure, 20% decomposed manure, and add 200 grams of carbendazim to each cubic meter of culture soil.

2 50% fertile soil, 40% circle fertilizer, 10% furnace ash, add 1.5 kg of diammonium phosphate, 0.5 kg of potassium sulfate, and 200 g of carbendazim per cubic meter.

3 40% fertile soil, 30% turf soil. 20% decomposed horse manure, 10% decomposed chicken manure, add 200 grams of carbendazim per cubic meter. After the nutrient soil is prepared, put it into the bottom of the basin and the surrounding area.Leave a certain place in the middle so that seedlings with soil lumps can be planted when planting.

4. Seedling cultivation

The seedlings of potted cucumbers must be raised, and the method is the same as the conventional seedlings mentioned above.

5. Colonization

The method of planting is the same as the bed planting method. The number of plants in each pot depends on the size of the pot, one plant per pot for small pots, two plants for large pots. Plant the melon seedlings with soil lumps in the center of the pot. Plant depthThe top soil should be about 3 cm away from the edge of the pot after watering. If the soil is filled too much, the planting is too shallow, and the water capacity during watering is small, it is difficult to meet the water demand of cucumber; if the filling is too little, planting too muchDeep, it is easy to overwater and cause root rot.

The amount of planting water must be well mastered, so that the potting soil can be poured thoroughly without the accumulation of water. Generally, the soil is not immediately sealed after planting the seedlings, and the soil cover is used after the water seepage.

6. Management after planting

1 Cultivation to loosen the soil. Two to three days after planting, use bamboo skewer or iron rod to plow the pine around the basin. When loosening the soil, do not damage the roots and hold the soil on the base soil to form a middle height and a low circumference., Can make the water fully seep to the bottom of the basin. Because the soil holding capacity of the basin is small, the water holding capacity is limited, the soil dries quickly, and it is easy to form the upper surface knot. Therefore, after each watering, it should be plowed in time to loosen the soil and protect the moisture.

In order to prevent the soil moisture from evaporating too quickly, you can cover the surface of the pot with plastic film, or cover some sawn on the surface of the soil. Sand, etc., to prevent soil compaction.

2 Watering. The watering technique of potted cucumber is roughly the same as the basic principle of bed planting, the difference is:

①Limited water capacity, ②Unaffected by groundwater. ③The surrounding air of the pot is exposed to the outside air and has a large amount of evaporation. Therefore, the watering of potted cucumbers is characterized by a small amount of water each time, but more watering times. Otherwise., The root system that grows on the wall of the pot, it is easy to burn roots in case of water shortage.

Before setting the melon, do not water too much to keep the soil dry. The leaves are not wilted. Do not water too much during the root melon flowering period. After the root melon is formed, the watering frequency should be gradually increased.Or water once a day. In the afternoon, you can add less water to individual dry pots. The frequency of watering depends on the cultivation mode and weather conditions. Open-air cultivation has more watering times than protected field cultivation; summer is better than spring,Water a lot in autumn.

Watering time, winter and early spring should be watered in the morning after the temperature rises, not in the morning and evening; summer should be watered in the evening or morning, not at noon.

When watering in winter and early spring, do not use cold water. It is best to preheat the water in the house before pouring. It is also possible to use well warm water.

3 Top dressing. The nutrient soil for potted cucumbers is more fertile, but due to the small size of the pot, the total amount of fertilizer is not much. To increase the yield of cucumbers, the plants must have sufficient nutrients, so top dressing is necessary.Be sure not to overdo it, otherwise it is easy to damage roots and dead seedlings. Top dressing should be controlled in small amounts and many times. Top dressing is mainly chemical fertilizer. Ammonium nitrate is generally used 3 to 4 grams per pot each time, not more than 5 grams at most;Each pot is 2 grams, not more than 4 grams. Lamb's hooves shell is a good fertilizer for top dressing. Soak the lamb's hooves with water, let it ferment, and then water. The sheep's hooves water can be used with chemical fertilizers where conditions permit.Water the topdressing in time after the second topdressing. Cucumbers are generally topdressed 6 to 7 times in their life. If possible, top-dressing the nutrient solution is better. The formula of the cucumber nutrient solution is: add 190 grams of ammonium sulfate and 537 grams of magnesium sulfate to 1000 liters of water, 589 grams of monocalcium phosphate, 915 grams of potassium nitrate, 337 grams of superphosphate. It can be used after dissolving and mixing.

The root coefficient of potted cucumber is less than that of bed cultivation. It is difficult to achieve high yield by only relying on soil topdressing. Foliar topdressing is very necessary. The method of topdressing leaf fertilizer. Fertilizer types and spraying concentration are the same as conventional cultivation.

4 Planting and tying vines. Potted cucumbers are generally planted with 2 pillars per pot, and the lower end is inserted into the potting soil; the upper end is tied together. When potting is carried out in the greenhouse, it is usually set up on the north side of the greenhouse.The distance between the melon vine and the top of the greenhouse is small, and the pillars should be shorter. When inserting the pillars, they must be inclined to the north. The upper ends of the pillars are fixed on the beams of the greenhouse. In order to reduce the shade of the frame, it is alsoThe hanging rope method can be used. The pots on the roof of the house building are easy to fall due to the strong wind. When inserting the racks, the poles should not be too high and must be tied firmly. If the pots are grouped, they can be arranged together for various types of joints., Single row or double row ladder frame.

Tie the vine form, due to the limitation of the length of the frame, the melon vine adopts the curved vine method or the spiral vine method. Every 3 to 4 leaves are tied together. While tying the vine, remove the male flowers and tendrils.

5 Harvest: Potted cucumbers are limited by the volume of the pot; the stems and leaves do not grow as big as the bed plants, with few melons and small claws. Generally, the yield of potted melons is only 1/2 of that of the bed plants, and the high yield does not exceed2/3. But this kind of cultivation method can make full use of the land and space of the garden, it is a kind of incidental cultivation, which can increase the family income.

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