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Snow White strawberry bears several times a year, with introduction to the taste of the variety

2019-09-20 14:50 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Linghui

Different from our common red strawberries, Snow White strawberries are white, so many flowers don’t know much about this kind of strawberries, and there are fewer introduction materials about Snow White strawberries. More flower friends care about Snow White strawberries for a yearFruits several times, in terms of results, it is not much different from ordinary strawberries. Generally speaking, it bears one fruit, but this time it can bear 3-4 stubble.

Snow White strawberry has a white appearance with red seeds. Not only does it have a different white appearance, even the flesh is pure white. In addition to the different appearance, Snow White also has a different taste in taste. The taste is relatively soft, which is sweet and sour.Sweet and sour, melts in the mouth, soluble solids brix content above 10%, etc. In addition, another important feature is that it tastes a little yellow peach.

Raise a few Snow White on the balcony, and give a box of white strawberries to your beloved on Christmas or Valentine's Day, and you will surely reap a lot of love.

Some flower friends don't know what kind of Snow White strawberries are ripe. Generally speaking, the seeds will be ripe when they turn red.

The price of the Snow White strawberry is also very expensive. Apart from the characteristics of the variety, its output is not high. Under ideal conditions, the yield is about 1,500 kg per mu, while the high-yield strawberry can reach 4,500 kg, which shows how big the gap is.In order to make Snow White’s strawberries bigger, sometimes we need to thin the fruit. Only 1-2 strawberries are kept in a cluster of flowers.

In addition, the ripening period of Snow White strawberries is later than other strawberry varieties, and the plants are relatively weak, so the management difficulty will increase a lot.

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