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Environmental protection method for killing red spiders and aphids

2013-02-17 09:14 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Wang Fei

Non-pharmaceutical and environmentally friendly killing methods for red spiders and aphids


Non-pharmaceutical and environmentally friendly killing methods for red spiders and aphids are specifically harmed by red spidersFlowersLeaves, flowers, red spider's insect body is the size of a needle tip, dark red or purple red, only red dots can be seen with the naked eye, orange-red transparent spherical eggs can be seen under a magnifying glass. Its nymphs often cluster in someFlowersThe leaf back and flower buds are pierced and sucked with mouthparts juice. In the initial stage, the leaves are chlorosis and the leaf edges are turned upwards, so that they scorch and fall off, causing early atrophy of flower buds and plant death in severe cases.

Seven to eight generations of red spiders occur a year, and the damage starts from March to April each year, and the damage is serious from June to July. Plants should be observed and inspected frequently after the end of April. In areas with high temperature, high humidity and poor ventilationCase, StarscreamReproductionExtremely fast, is one of the important causes of plant death.

1 Soak the citrus peel with water for about 10 times for a day and night, and spray the plants after filtering to prevent aphids. For example, watering flowers can prevent nematodes in the soil.

2 Ignite a plate of mosquito coils, place it in a pot of diseased plants, and then tie the pot tightly with a plastic bag. After about 1 hour of smoking, both eggs and adults can be killed. Aphids are available all year round.Occurs, and generally reproduces fastest at a temperature of 29℃. There are many types of aphids, usually green, yellow, black, and brown, which are harmfulChinese rose, pomegranates, chrysanthemums, gardenias and other flowers: they mostly gather on the buds, young leaves or twigs of the plants, sucking the juice endlessly, the branches and leaves of the injured plants become yellow and deformed, the flower buds are corrupted, the flowering period is shortened, and the color of the flowers is reducedIn severe cases, the plants wilt and die. 1 Use 50 grams of fresh chili or dried red chili, add 30-50 grams of water, and cook for about half an hour. Sprinkle the affected plants with the filtrate for special effects.

3 Use "Fengyoujing" to add water 600-800 times solution, spray with a sprayer to put the potion on the insect body. The effect of killing aphids and scale insects is more than 95%, but it has no effect on plants.Produce phytotoxicity.

4 Mix washing powder, urea, and water at a ratio of 1:4:100 to form a mixture, and then spray the plants to achieve the effect of killing insects and fertilizing.

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