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Solution to the yellowing of the leaves of Ping An Tree

2012-11-19 18:24 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Li Mu

Pingan trees like warm, humid, sunny environment, light and shade, like warm heat, frost-free snow, foggy and high temperature places, and intolerant of drought, stagnant water, severe cold and dry air. The cultivation should be loose and fertile, Acidic sandy soil with good drainage and rich in organic matter. The main reasons for the yellowing or shedding of leaves of Ping An trees during the breeding process are as follows:

1: Due to accidents or special circumstances, the roots of the plants are severely damaged, causing the leaves to turn yellow.

2: The indoor temperature is lower than 5℃, and the yellow leaves of the Ping An tree are caused by freezing damage.

3: Excessive watering leads to rotten roots at the bottom and yellow leaves of plants.

4: The water quality is too alkaline, causing the leaves to slowly turn yellow. This situation is more common in the north, especially in Xinjiang and other places.

Five: Improper fertilization, too much fertilization, which causes dehydration, shrinkage and necrosis of nutrient fibrous roots.

6: Long-term exposure to the hot sun caused the leaves to dry and turn yellow.

The solution to the yellowing of the leaves of the Ping An tree is: when the leaves of the tree planting yellow are found, the roots of the Ping An tree should be checked for normal growth. If the roots are found to be rotted, the decayed part should be removed immediately, yellowing or deadThe leaves, cut off and replant them again.

Note: When re-cultivation, some moist fine sand can be added to the shearing position of the roots. The purpose of this is to germinate the new roots safely. At this time, the watering should be appropriately reduced and spray more water mist, such asAfter the new leaves of the Ping'an tree, do fertilization work and increase the light. This can quickly promote the growth of the Ping'an tree.

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