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13 Reasons for Falling Leaves of Fortune Trees

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Malabar chestnut is also called Gua chestnut,Fortune Tree. It is a small evergreen tree of the Bombaxaceae family. Li Costa Rica, native to Mexico. Palm-shaped leaves, 7-11 small leaves, indoorFortune TreeLong round to obovate. There are horticultural varieties of Huaye Pachira. Because the name of Pachira is very popular among merchants and ordinary citizens, it has beautiful shape, bright green leaves and hammer-shaped trunk. After pottingSuitable for home furnishing and beautification use, so, since 2006 in ChinaFlowersThe market is developing very fast. Every holiday, hotels, restaurants, merchants and citizens rush to purchase in order to make good luck.

Fortune trees, evergreen trees, like high temperature and high humidity climate, poor cold tolerance, seedlings avoid frost, adult trees can tolerate light frost and long-term low temperature of 5-6C, South China can live through the winter in open areas, and the northern areas must be moved into the greenhouse in winterInternal cold protection, like fertile, loose, breathable and water-retaining sandy loam, like acidic soil, avoid alkaline soil or heavy clay soil, more resistant to water and humidity, and slightly drought-resistant.

13 reasons for the fallen leaves of the wealthy tree

1 Too much watering of the fortune tree and long-term over-humidity of the pot soil will cause hypoxia in the soil, rot part of the fibrous roots, hinder normal respiration and absorption of water and nutrients, and cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. After the damage, the tender leaves turn first.It becomes light yellow, and then the old leaves gradually turn yellow. You should control watering immediately, suspend fertilization, and loosen the soil frequently to make the soil aerate.

2 Fortune tree is dry and dehydrated.Growing flowersLeaking watering or long-term watering of half waist water ie upper wet and lower dry will affect nutrient absorption, and also easily cause the leaves to be dull and dull, and the leaves will wilt and droop. First, the lower old leaves will age, and gradually become yellow and fall off from bottom to top.At this time, a small amount of water and spray water are required to gradually recover and then switch to normal watering.

3 Long-term defertilization of the fortune tree. Long-term no ammonia fertilizer or no change of pots and soils, lack of nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil, resulting in weak branches and leaves, thin and yellow leaves. The pots need to be reversed in time and replaced with new ones.Loose and fertile culture soil gradually increase the application of thin decomposed liquid fertilizer or compound flower fertilizer.

4 Excessive fertilization of the Fortune tree. If fertilization is too much, new leaves will appear thick and uneven, and the dry tips of the old leaves will fall off. You should stop fertilizing immediately and increase the amount of water to make the fertilizer flow out of the basin bottom drain hole, Or immediately invert the pot, rinse the soil lumps with water and then replant it in the pot.

5 The hot and high temperature of the Fortune Tree. In summer, if the cool flowers such as cyclamen, fuchsia, and four seasons crabapple are placed in a high temperature place and exposed to strong light, it is easy to cause the young leaf tip andThe leaf margins are burnt, or the yellow leaves fall off. Move to a well-ventilated and cool place in time.

6 Excessive shade of the Fortune tree. If the sun-loving flowers are placed in shade or a place with insufficient light for a long time, the branches and leaves will turn yellow.

7 The soil and water of the Fortune tree are more alkaline. The soil and water in most areas in the north contain more salt and alkali, and plant flowers that favor acid soil, such as rhododendrons, camellia, and smillingGardenia,Orchid, Bailan,OsmanthusEtc., due to the lack of soluble iron and other elements that can be absorbed by the soil, the leaves will gradually turn yellow. Acid soil should be used for planting, and bauxite water should be often poured during the growth period.

8 Fortune trees are dense and not ventilated. If too much nitrogen is applied, the branches and leaves will grow into lushness. In addition, if there is no pruning for a long time, the inner branches and leaves will not be light enough, which will easily cause the leaves to yellow and fall off. Reasonable fertilization and pruning should be strengthened., Make it ventilated and light.

9 The air of the Fortune tree is dry. When the indoor air is too dry, some flowers that prefer humid environments, such as Chlorophytum, orchids, etc. often have dry leaf tips or scorched leaf edges. Water spray and plastic cover should be used.Increase air humidity by using a film cover, etc.

10 The temperature of the Fortune tree is improper. In winter, the room temperature is too low, and the high temperature flowers are susceptible to cold damage, which causes the leaves to turn yellow, and when the temperature is too high, the plant transpiration becomes excessive and the roots become yellow.Water and nutrients are in short supply and the leaves will turn yellow. Please pay attention to adjust the room temperature in time.

11 The soil of the Fortune tree is slightly acidic. The southern red loam is acidic, and magnesium is easy to lose. Planting flowers and trees that are resistant to alkali or like mildly hardy soil, such as oleander, boxwood, winter spring, etc., are often prone to old agePhenomenon of chlorosis between leaves and veins. Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer or spray magnesium sulfate solution can be used.

12 Pests and diseases of the Fortune tree. Leaf spot disease caused by fungus and other pathogens can easily cause local necrosis of the leaves and yellow spots or patches. In severe cases, the whole leaves will become yellow and fall off. After being infected by mosaic virusThe leaves appear yellow-green mottled; if they are damaged by scale insects, red spiders, etc., the leaves will become partially yellow withered, and even the whole leaves will become yellow and fall off. They should be sprayed in time.

13 The strong stimulation of the fortune tree. Prevention and treatmentPests and diseasesIf the pesticide concentration is too large, or it is polluted by toxic gases in the atmosphere, or when the temperature is high, watering cold water suddenly, etc., it is easy to cause the leaf tip or part of the leaf surface to become yellow and dry, and even the whole plant to die. Therefore, attention should be paid to the rational use of pesticidesTry to eliminate air pollution sources. In midsummer, avoid using cold water to water the flowers around noon. Finally, it should be mentioned that the yellow leaves of potted flowers are sometimes caused by one reason, but it is often caused by multiple factors. The correct diagnosis should be made.Only the right medicine can be prescribed.

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