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Pests and diseases of Lithops

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LithopsPests and diseasesCompared to other flowers and plants, it may be less, but there will still be diseases and insect pests. Under normal circumstances, Lithops disease is the wound infecting water. The most serious insect pest is the root mealybug, and the powder will invade the cracked leaves.Or dry roots, suck the sap of the plant.

For Lithops diseases and insect pests, prevention should be the first priority. First of all, ensure that the soil is clean and that the exotic plants are clean, which can avoid root mealybugs to a large extent. Of course, we can use some when planting.Use pesticides for prevention. If you plant flowers in the balcony, it’s best not to use volatile pesticides such as small green medicine. If it is outside the window, it does not matter, because the small green medicine added when changing pots in springOne summer and winter, it has been completely volatilized when harvesting in winter, and it will not affect people. Some water-soluble pesticides such as carbofuran can be used to prevent the breeding in the balcony. Of course, if there are pets and children, pay attention to prevent soil leakage in the pot.The liquid that came down was touched by them. In short, preventive work should be done, but safety is always the first priority.

How to tell if there is root powder? What should I do?

If we find that Lithops is normally watered and basked in the sun, but it is always not long and wrinkled all the time, we have to consider whether there is root powder. At this time, we will turn over and check. If there is, we willThe root powder on the roots is cleaned up and soaked with pesticides to kill the insects. The pot soil is disinfected and then planted, or replaced with a new pot and soil.

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