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Introduction to the variety of Zhongyou No.19 nectarine

Time: 2019-08-03 09:20 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Many fruit farmers want to know the introduction of Zhongyou No. 19 nectarine varieties, cultivated by Zhongyou No. 19 Zhengzhou Fruit Tree, large flower, self-pollination, rose flower, early-maturing variety, fruit development period of 69 days, yellow flesh, sweet and crisp, just matureHanging on the tree will not become soft. Everyone knows that the date when sweet nectarines are picked and sold is not the same concept. Generally, nectarines are sold before they mature. Orchards, large fruits, about 250 grams. All red. "It is said to never be soft". Suitable for picking. The picking date in Hefei, Anhui, May 26-June 25 but must strictly prevent and prevent peach brown rot, and extend the fruit picking period.

The advantage of Zhongyou No.19 is good hardness, good color, shortcomings, sour taste sweet and sour in the early stage, sour in the middle and late stage. The size is okay. It can reach four or two upwards. It is just ripe and sweet and crispy.The reverse period is also sour, not crispy, not as good as the early period.

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