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How to raise Yuan Baolan

2013-08-12 11:35 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: forest

Before talking about how to raise Yuan Baolan, let’s briefly talk about the basic knowledge of Yuan Baolan. Ingot orchid is another name for Zibao. It is also called big bear paw in some places. It is a shark palm in the Liliaceae family and is native to South Africa.

Yuanbaolan breeding method:

Yuanbaolan is a more cold-resistant plant, like half shade and ventilated places. Normally, the water should be properly poured and fertilized. Moreover, the Yuanbaolan should not be exposed to the sun in summer. The Yuanbaolan will burn and cause dark spots. In addition, the YuanbaoLanxi has warm and well-drained sandy soil.

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