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Which one is better to raise lover's tears and Buddha beads? What is the difference

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Today, let’s learn about lover’s tears and prayer beads which are easy to raise, and what is the difference between them. In terms of plant classification, lover’s tears and prayer beads are both genus Compositae SenecioSucculentPlants also have a high degree of similarity in form.

The picture above is a Buddhist bead

If you have to say which one is better to raise lover’s tears and buddha beads, lover’s tears are better to raise, lover’s tears are slightly better than buddha beads in terms of growth rate and maintenance difficulty, but they are worse in shape! Buddhist beads are round and roundThe ones are more beautiful, but the lover's tears are not round enough, so the viewing degree is worse!

The picture above is lover's tears

Let’s talk about the difference between lover’s tears and prayer beads. Regardless of their maintenance methods, family and genera are the same, but their biggest difference is the shape of the leaves. The beads are round, and lover’s tears are like water drops, not round.

How to maintain lover's tears and prayer beads

Sex likes warm and humid, relatively cold-resistant tolerant to low temperatures of 0°C during cultivation in the Jianghuai area, high-temperature resistant shading in summer, and the optimum temperature is about 20°C to 28°C. Growth is slow at both high and low temperatures, especiallyIt is almost dormant in a high temperature environment above 30°C, so you should less water and fertilize, otherwise the roots are easy to rot-this is also one of the keys to successful cultivation.

Thin fertilizer should be applied frequently in the spring and autumn seasons with vigorous growth. Often spraying 1-3‰ of nitrogen fertilizer and potassium dihydrogen phosphate on the leaves will help make the pearls greener and larger and increase the ornamental value.

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