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Picture classification
Picture of Celery Leaf PeonyFamily: Ranunculus of Ranunculaceae
Avenue Clematis Beer dataFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Clematis Lyon VillageFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Dr. Clematis RupelFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
President ClematisFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Clematis Baby StarFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Dr. Clematis RubelFamily: Ranunculaceae, Clematis
Clematis MisaseFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Clematis GuernseyFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Clematis JosephineFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Utopia ClematisFamily: Ranunculaceae Clematis
Huangqihua pineapple Qimei pineappleFamily and Genus: Bromeliaceae
Picture of Flower Heling CamelliaFamily: Camellia family Camellia
Black Peony CamelliaFamily: Camellia family Camellia
Picture of Four Seasons ImpatiensFamily: Impatiens family Impatiens
Primrose pictureFamily: Primulaceae Primula
Picture of thorn rose flowerFamily: Rosaceae Rosa
Hugh Cole Ball LanFamily: Asclepiaceae Colobus
Two-color wood sorrelFamily and genus: Oxalis sorrel family
Picture of He's ImpatiensFamily: Impatiens family Impatiens