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Picture classification
Picture of cotton wool stachysFamily: Labiatae Stachys
Picture of red-veined thick rib grassFamily and genus: Araceae of Guangdong Wannianqing
Qin Ye Xi Lin TaroFamily and genus: Southern Star family Caladium
Picture of swallow palmFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Cyclosaurus
Snow White Flower PictureFamily and genus: Araceae of Guangdong Wannianqing
Picture of Black Leaf Guanyin LotusFamily: Alocasia of Araceae
Picture of Phnom Penh ChlorophytumFamily: Liliaceae Chlorophytum
Picture of emerald flowerFamily and genus: Araceae genus Araceae
Picture of Liriodendron chinenseFamily: Araliaceae Schefflera
Picture of purple back arrowrootFamily and Genus: Maranta, Maranta
Duck palm tree pictureFamily: Araliaceae Schefflera
picture of beautiful arrowrootFamily and genus: Maranta spp.
Picture of Golden Heart Broad Leaf ChlorophytumFamily: Liliaceae Chlorophytum
Picture of Green IngotFamily: Leguminous chestnut tree
Picture of colorful millennium woodFamily: Liliaceae Dracaena
Picture of poisonous grassFamily: Lamiaceae Mint
Picture of coin grassFamily: Umbelliferae Coriander
Picture of Golden Heart Spider PlantFamily: Liliaceae Chlorophytum
Photo of Yale ZhihuaFamily and genus: Purslane family Purslane genus