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What is the reason why the fleshy leaves of Ping Pong Fu Niang are always shriveled

2020-09-04 13:01 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: Edit

When some friends are maintaining the ping-pong Fu Niang, the leaves are always dry, so what is the reason? Let’s find out below.

Ping Pong Fu NiangSucculentWhat is the reason why the leaves are always dry: insufficient moisture

Ping Pong Fu Niang's fleshy leaves are always shriveled, probably due to insufficient moisture.Although Ping Pong Fu Niang Succulent is very drought-tolerant, but if we do not water it for a long time, it can only consume the water stored in the leaves, so the leaves will appear dry. We are maintaining Ping Pong Fu Niang SucculentAt the time, as long as it is not in the dormant stage, then after the soil is dry, we need to water it.

Excessive light

Ping Pong Fu Niang's succulent leaves are always shriveled, and it may be caused by too much light. Because Ping Pong Fu Niang is in a strong light environment, the water in the leaves will quickly evaporate, and the roots can not absorb water at the rate of evaporation, which will cause the Ping Pong Fu Niang leaves to dry out. We have strong sunlight in summer.At the time, it is necessary to properly shade the Ping Pong Fu Niang so that the Ping Pong Fu Niang can grow better.

Not yet served basin

Ping Pong Fu Niang's blades are always dry, and there may be no performance of serving bowls. If our ping-pong Fu Niang has just been in the basin, this situation is very normal. Because the ping-pong girl does not absorb too much water at its roots while serving the basin. In this way, its leaves will appear dry.In this case, we only need to maintain good ventilation and light. After the Ping Pong Fu Niang serves the basin, its leaves will recover.

Editor's suggestion

When the Ping Pong Fu Niang is succulent, we don’t need to water too frequently, but we also need to keep enough water. If it is not watered for a long time, it will become dry due to drought. So it is generally when the soil is dry.After it has passed through, we can water it. Secondly, when the ping-pong Fu Niang is succulent, don’t put it under too strong light, which will sunburn its leaves. If the light is too strong, we need to properlyIt’s shaded for it. Finally, during the serving basin, we should not water the ping-pong Fu Niang too much, keep good light and ventilation, and wait for normal maintenance after serving the basin.

Edit: Yuhua Valley Flower Net
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