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Picture classification
Yijingsi Fairy CupFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Fairy Cuppalaceae
Succulent Purple RiceFamily and genus: Purslane family Purslane genus
Picture of Broadleaf Phoenix FloweringFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Landraceae
Picture of Master XiangfuFamily: Crassulaceae, lotus palm
Othonna capensis L.Family: Compositae Senecio
Picture of Pearl Bud SedumFamily: Crassulaceae Sedum
Fiona Echeveria FionaFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Pseudoissima
Halloween MageFamily: Crassulaceae, lotus palm
Echeveria AmistarFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Pseudoissima
Echeveria sp GiloFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Pseudoissima
Picture of Aloe Vera on Green BeachFamily: Aloe, Liliaceae
Yangjin is more meatyFamily and genus: Crassulaceae Pseudoissima
Beixin Kirin Euphorbia poissoniFamily: Euphorbia spp.
Snow Blue Paris Echeveria DeresiFamily and Genus: Crassulaceae Pseudophyllum
Fortune Cookie Adromischus TriflorusFamily: Crassulaceae, Tianjinzhang genus
Otome Heart Sedum pachyphyllum RFamily: Crassulaceae Sedum
Adromischus marian with yellow croaker blistersFamily: Crassulaceae, Tianjinzhang genus
Green Guangyang Jade C048AFamily and genus: Lithops of Apricotaceae
Adromischus cristaFamily: Crassulaceae, Tianjinzhang genus
Picture of red egg and meatyFamily: Crassulaceae, Tianjinzhang genus