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Picture classification
Pictures of PrimroseFamily: Primulaceae Primula
Picture of Sichuan PrimulaFamily: Primulaceae Primula
Picture of straight columbineFamily: Ranunculaceae Columbine
Picture of Willow Leaf Fujian HeatherFamily: Rosaceae Photinia
Picture of Sonneratia without petalsFamily: Sonneratiaceae Sonneratia
Photo of Tokyo Silverback VineFamily: Convolvulaceae Silverback Vine
Look at the picture of Mai NiangFamily and genus: Gramineae, see Aegis
Sunflower pictureFamily: Asteraceae Helianthus
Picture of Qili closed sheath gingerFamily and genus: Zingiberaceae
Picture of Purple Spot Butterfly GrassFamily: Scrophulariaceae, Phalaenopsis
Picture of Big Leaf Fire Tube TreeFamily and genus: Vitis vulgaris
Picture of Smelly LadyFamily: Verbenaceae Tofu Chai
Picture of Pagoda GingerFamily and genus: Zingiberaceae
Picture of Gongfen Dragon Boat FlowerFamily and genus: Rubiaceae genus
Picture of Mailancai | Light pink and whiteFamily and genus: Caryophyllales Wangbuliuxing genus
Picture of Pink Leaf Golden FlowerFamily: Rubiaceae Yuyejinhua
Picture of SolidagoFamily: Compositae Solidago
Picture of Torch Ginger FlowerFamily: Zingiberaceae Fennel Amomum
Picture of Caragana safflowerFamily: Caragana Leguminosae