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How often do you water the big pot of rich trees

2020-08-13 10:32 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Fortune TreeIt is a green plant commonly used in many office areas or living rooms, especially large potsFortune TreeA flower friend asked how often a large pot of rich trees should be watered. This question really can’t describe the study of gourd painting, it still takes some thought.

9 of the 10 Fortune Trees first rotted their roots, then the trunks began to rot, and finally died slowly. The flower friends said why the Fortune Trees are so easy to rot their roots, we need to first understand the Fortune TreesPotted plants.

99% of the Pachira trees we bought were planted later with bare roots. If you don’t believe it, you can open the soil and see. Even if there are roots, there are only a few very thin roots. As a woody plant, the root system of Pachira trees is impossible.So underdeveloped, but for the convenience of transportation, it can even be extended to the time you can raise it soon otherwise, if you plant a tree for a few years, who will buy it in the future, the fortune trees are basically planted with bare roots.

Look at the Fortune Tree in the picture above, the roots have been built, the purpose is to facilitate potted plants

There will be a situation in bare root planting, that is, the wound surface of a large area of ​​the root is in direct contact with the soil. If the pot soil is too moist, it is prone to rotten roots.

Then how often do you water the big pot of Fortune Tree?

The newly bought large pot of Fortune tree wring dry and don't let it wet. We can properly dig out the potting soil to have a look. If the pot soil still has water, there is no need to water it. You can spray more water on the leaves at ordinary times.Don’t say, water less water for fear of death due to drought, and less water every three to five, so that the roots will become lazy over time. The point is, even if the roots are rotten, you still don’t know, because the trunk’s nutrients will continue to be supplied to the leaves.The trunk can also be rotten, and it will be powerless.

For the rich tree in a large pot, even if it is not watered for 2 months, it will not be a problem, because indoor water volatilizes slowly. Moreover, its stalks are relatively thick, the leaves are few, and the corresponding water volatilizes less, soThe potted fortune tree should insist on watering as little as possible!

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