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The Hydroponic Rooting Process of Pachira Tree Picture Appreciation

2018-07-05 07:10 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: editor

Fortune TreeOne of the reasons why it is not easy to raise is that it is difficult to water, and the roots are easy to rot if one is wrong, so some flower friends think of hydroponicsFortune TreeThe method, then let's take a look at the pictures of the process of hydroponic rooting of the Fortune Tree, which can give flower friends a reference for their own operation.

Fortune tree hydroponics is feasible both theoretically and practically. It is not an individual case, so flower friends can safely change their own fortune tree soil to water. But it should be noted that the hydroponic fortune tree growsVery slow, although the branches and leaves are relatively lush, but it is not easy to grow tall, but for the small potted fortune tree, the size is not a big problem.

The main point of the hydroponic fortune tree is to keep a certain distance between the root and sleep, usually about 5 cm. The reason for this is that the root system of the plant also needs to breathe. If it is all in the water, it is easy to have problems if you can’t breathe.Another thing is that tree trunks are prone to problems when they are soaked in water. Therefore, for safety, we always put the roots at a distance of 5 cm from the water surface. Because the water surface is humid, it will stimulate the roots to grow.

Of course, the above is the hydroponic method for the fortune tree stumps without roots. If it is a soil to water, how to deal with the roots, the method is basically the same, we clean the roots, and then properly trim the rotten roots, you can follow the aboveThe water level is placed. Remember, you also need to leave a distance of 5 cm for the roots to breathe.

Let’s talk about some of the issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of hydroponics of the Fortune tree. If possible, the top of the stake can be sealed, either with paint or wax you can use candles to drip oil. In addition, when rootingIn the initial stage, it is best to be in an environment with astigmatism, which is not easy to be exposed to strong sunlight. Even after rooting, it is not recommended to give too much light, because this will easily make the hydroponic bottle grow algae and it will be more difficult to clean up.

Some flower friends also asked about the problem of changing the water for the hydroponic fortune tree. Generally speaking, it is enough to change the water once a week to 2 weeks. No nutrient solution is required in the early stage. After the roots have grown, the nutrient solution will be given.When there is no root system or the root system is weak, the nutrient solution is not conducive to root growth.

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