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Question: When is the best time to branch peony

2019-10-12 10:08 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Many flower lovers dare not easily divide the peony plants under the influence of the sentence "Peony at the vernal equinox, and will not bloom until old age". This is correct. This sentence is not nonsense, but has a basis. When will the peony be dividedWhich plant is the best? The correct time for peony branching should be around the end of August. This is based on most regions. Southern flower lovers can appropriately delay it by half a month.

Careful flower friends can take a look at the peony branch stickers issued by the growers. The time is basically in late August, because almost all the new roots of peony are born in autumn, and the new buds of the following year are alsoFormed at this time, after transplanting in autumn, the ground temperature is still high, which is conducive to the healing of root wounds. The injured fleshy roots can gradually heal and grow new roots, which is conducive to the continued growth of the next spring.

If the peony is transplanted too late because the roots are damaged, only the stems and leaves will grow without buds. If transplanted in spring, the peony can only grow on the nutrients stored in the fleshy roots throughout the year. This also goes back to the previousThe proverb says "Peony at the vernal equinox will not bloom until old age."

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