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How much can a pocket coconut grow to be taller

2020-09-09 04:56 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: Edit Original

Pocket coconut is a very common foliage potted plant. Now many northern flower lovers are also planting it. The flower-friendly exotic pocket coconut can grow to a lot of height. The pocket coconut belongs to the small evergreen shrub of the genus Bamboo palm. From the plant categoryKnowing that it will not grow too tall, and due to the influence of the climate, the growth rate of our potted mini coconut is even slower.

Therefore, the pocket coconuts of most flower friends are only about 30-50 cm, and the ones that have been raised for a longer time can reach about 1 meter, and there are pocket coconuts of more than one meter, but because of the age, it is only high.It’s not as good-looking as I just bought it, as shown below!

It is said that the pocket coconut in the picture above is 17 years old

If florists like potted plants like pocket coconuts, but are thinking of being taller, it is recommended that florists consider potted plants such as Sanwei sunflower. The height of potted plants can reach about 3 meters, and the common ones are 1.5 meters, similar in shape.The height is different!

Many times, when a plant looks best, it’s often not when it grows up.

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