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Milan prefers acidic or alkaline

2020-09-28 19:14 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: Edit

Flowers know that flowers are divided into north and south, generally speaking southFlowersThey all like acidic soil. Some flower friends asked Milan whether they prefer acidic or alkaline soils. Milan prefers acidic soils. In the north, soils such as garden soil are alkaline soils, so use this kind of soil to raise Milan, It is very difficult, so the general potted Milan is used to cultivate soil mainly with leaf mulch.

Because the soil in the south is more acidic, the soil requirements are much more relaxed than in the north, but it is not recommended to use pure garden soil because the water permeability will be much worse, so it can be appropriately mixed with peat or mulch.

The following are some recipes of Milanese soil used by flower friends for reference:

1 Humus soil plus garden soil plus some sand.

2 2 parts of peat soil and 1 part of Gaza.

3 2 parts each of fertile garden soil and compost soil, and 1 part of Gaza, mix and prepare.

Finally, the formula is not dead, flower friends can flexibly match it, just remember that Milan likes sandy loam rich in humus, fertile, and slightly acid. It is enough to pay attention to the soil in Milan.To loosen, you can remove part of the old soil at the outer roots without roots, cut off the rotten roots, put it in a cool place after potting, and move it to a sunny place after about a week. The soil replacement is usually carried out about a week after leaving the house in spring.

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