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What is the reason why the potted osmanthus does not bloom

2020-09-30 07:19 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Some flower friends asked themselves why the potted sweet-scented osmanthus did not bloom. When the plant that should bloom does not bloom, we often need to find the reason from daily maintenance. We must understand its habits and maintain them according to their habits. WeTake Osmanthus for example.

Although Osmanthus fragrans can tolerate half shade, it has enough sunshine. The environment of not less than -10℃ is its favorite environment. If the osmanthus seedlings are too small under 5 years. Some look very big, but just planted treesThe root system has not yet grown, and excessive pruning during transplanting will also delay the flowering period. There is also the problem of excessive growth. Osmanthus fragrans branches look very vigorous, but it is actually because of excessive water and fertilizer, the energy of growing long branches is greater than the momentum of flowering. Then it is wrong.Pruning, pruning the flowering branches in summer.

Osmanthus pruning time

Spring is the most suitable season for pruning in most areas. Osmanthus fragrans is an evergreen tree and cannot tolerate extreme cold, so it cannot be pruned in winter. In July and August in summer, flower buds begin to germinate, and if pruning is bound to cut off at this timeBranches with flower buds will reduce the amount of flowers. Never prune sweet-scented osmanthus in summer.

The sweet-scented osmanthus planted on your own ground can be trimmed in autumn after it blooms, mainly to stimulate the vitality of the paper, increase ventilation, and collect some flowers by the way.

Note: Potted sweet-scented osmanthus is not as strong as ground-planted, and it is not suitable for pruning in autumn. Therefore, potted sweet-scented osmanthus is best to be pruned in spring, the most suitable month is March. In addition, plants that are too small are not suitable for pruning, Generally you can start to manage the plant type 2 to 3 years after the purchase. The pruning cycle is once a year.

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