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Picture classification
Picture of Solidago canadensisFamily: Compositae Solidago
Picture of Double CoreopsisFamily: Coreopsis of Compositae
Picture of TianrenjuFamily and genus: Asteraceae Astragalus
Lycoris photoFamily: Amaryllidaceae Lycoris
Picture of Arrow Leaf OkraFamily: Malvaceae Okra
Millions of bells pictureFamily: Solanaceae Petunia
Picture of Heart ChrysanthemumFamily and Genus: Compositae
Aju PicturesFamily and Genus: Achrysanthemum in Compositae
Picture of two-color coreopsisFamily: Coreopsis of Compositae
Picture of Jerusalem artichokeFamily: Asteraceae Sunflower
picture of sugarcaneFamily: Gramineae Saccharum
Picture of ChayoteFamily and genus: Chayote, cucurbitaceae
Picture of YarrowFamily: Achillea of ​​Compositae
Picture of Wrinkled Leaf Cut Autumn LuoFamily and genus: Caryophyllaceae Campanula
Picture of Brilliant Red LobeliaFamily: Campanulaceae Lobelia
Picture of Rieger BegoniaFamily: Begoniaceae Begonia genus
Picture of CyclamenFamily: Primulaceae Cyclamen
Picture of GypsophilaFamily: Dianthus, Dianthus
Picture of Skewer Pine HerbFamily and Genus: Compositae Pinus genus
Picture of fake faucet flowerFamily and genus: Lamiaceae false leading flower genus