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Picture classification
Picture of big flower onionFamily: Allium of Liliaceae
Picture of crocus bulbsFamily: Crocus in Iridaceae
Ammocharis coraniFamily: Amaryllidaceae
Xueguanghua Chionodoxa sppFamily and genus: Hyacinthaceae Xanthera
Fairy spark Veltheimia capensisFamily: Liliaceae Celestia
Brunsvigia orientFamily: Amaryllidaceae
Drimia undulataFamily: Hyacinthaceae Sincoccus
LijinhuaFamily and Genus: Liliaceae
Apron narcissusFamily: Amaryllidaceae Narcissus
Oxalis palmifFamily: Oxalidaceae Oxalis
Flat-faced sorrelFamily: Oxalidaceae Oxalis
Picture of South American NarcissusFamily: Amaryllidaceae and South American Narcissus
Picture of Burley HippeastrumFamily: Amaryllidaceae Hippeastrum
Oxalis stellataFamily: Oxalidaceae Oxalis
Oxalis sp.aff.herrFamily and genus: Oxalis sorrel family
Rabbit ears Oxalis fabaefoliaFamily: Oxalidaceae Oxalis
Picture of WenshulanFamily: Amaryllidaceae Manjusri
Picture of Christmas LilyFamily: Liliaceae Christmas Lily
picture of wood sorrelFamily: Oxalidaceae Oxalis
Picture of Purple Leaf Yamamoto Wood SorrelFamily and genus: Oxalis sorrel family