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Picture classification
Picture of PorcupineFamily and genus: Pentonia spp.
Picture of pubescent water lilyFamily: Nymphaeaceae Nymphaea
Picture of Yanyao water lilyFamily: Nymphaeaceae Nymphaea
Picture of Weeping ArrowrootFamily and Genus: Marantaaceae Water Canna
Picture of Pondea glabraFamily and genus: Pseudomonas genus
Picture of Jianye YujiuhuaFamily and Genus: Yujiu Flower Family Yujiu Flower
Picture of Pork pickle with leavesFamily and genus: Pentonia spp.
Cha Ling pictureFamily and genus: Flaxaceae tea genus
Picture of BraseniaFamily: Nymphaea Ulva
Picture of Japanese HoganFamily: Nymphaeaceae
Gorgon pictureFamily: Nymphaea genus
Picture of Egyptian white water lilyFamily: Nymphaeaceae Nymphaea
Picture of MyriophyllumFamily: Myriophyllum spp.
Picture of Water IrisFamily: Araceae
Picture of Yellow IrisFamily: Iridaceae Iris
Picture of South China Valley JingcaoFamily and genus: Asparagus family Asparagus genus
picture of banana grassFamily: Nymphaea
Picture of tooth leaf water candleFamily and genus: Lamiaceae Water candle genus
Picture of Pink-green MyriophyllumFamily and genus: Little Erxin grass family