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Cultivation of the genus Twelve-juan Wawei

2013-02-26 13:59 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Davi

Cultivation of Twelve-Volume Genus:

Twelve-volume plants can be suitable for a variety of different cultivation environments, but they must grow well under sufficient light and timely water supply. The basic principles of cultivation work are when to water, how to water, and useWhat kind of soil, and when to apply fertilizer, etc. These are the basis of the work. And different cultivation environments will determine how you solve these problems. For example, raising twelve rolls on a window sill in Mexico and raising them in Tucson place name,There are differences in greenhouses in the southern city of Arizona, USA. Different methods should be used for planting. After paying attention to these problems, discuss and study the needs of plants and transform your cultivation environment to meet their requirements so that you can cultivateVery beautiful twelve volumes have been published.

Choice of pots:

Let's talk about the choice of pots: ceramic pots mud pots can be used in cold and wet environments, plastic pots can be selected in dry and hot environments. In humid environments, raw pottery pots unfired mudPots are good for plant breathing and good ventilation. In dry conditions, plastic pots are good for keeping the water supplied to the roots. That is to say, we have to create an environment where the pots can make water evaporate after sufficient water supplyPots with long periods of dormancy will cause roots to rot. The size of the pots is also very important. In cold and humid environments, smaller pots can lose water more effectively than large pots, which is beneficial to plants.However, if you are in a dry and hot environment, we prefer to choose larger pots to make the water loss slower. Some growers like to use large pots to grow a bunch of plants or even plant them in a breeding box. In factIn this way, the space occupied by each plant is still similar to a small pot.

Soil selection:

The following principles must be grasped when selecting soil: the soil must have good drainage, that is to say, the soil particles are porous. These can be formulated entirely with some component materials, such as: perlite, pea-sized pumice orGravel. Here is a trick to add some organic matter to the soil, but these organic matter should not be too much, because they will cause stagnant water and rotten roots. The formula used by the author is: 1/3 pumice|pea size 1/3 of perlite and 1/3 of garden soil the main ingredient is leaf rot. Try not to water such soil when it is continuously cloudy, because it has a certain water retention capacity, so be careful when watering.When forecasting hot and dry days or midsummer for several consecutive days, it is necessary to water enough water. Similarly, watering less in humid and cold environments. These are very important.http://www.flower-fans.com

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