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How to breed single head garlic with tricks

2020-06-21 22:24 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original

Many people think that single-head garlic is a certain variety of garlic. In fact, this statement is wrong. Single-head garlic is actually garlic, but due to improper planting, the cloves are not divided. In the past, people tried their best to avoid this., Because the yield of single head garlic is low, and now in order to adapt to the market, many growers have to deliberately grow single head garlic, then let’s take a look at how single head garlic isReproductionof.

Single head garlic

1. Change the planting time

There is a saying in the folk saying: if you grow garlic, you can only grow a single head. If you plant a garlic late, it is an important reason for a single head garlic. In northern rural areas, if farmers want to grow a single head garlic, they will choose garlic cloves after the beginning of spring.When planting, some people will deliberately plant it deeper and denser. Garlic grows into a single head garlic, in fact, it is not mysterious at all. It is nothing more than vernalization that cannot be bolted normally, thus forming a single head. The yield of single head garlic is very low.Therefore, farmers rarely plant single-head garlic specially, and avoid it if they can avoid it. In case of special circumstances, such as abnormal weather, drought and water shortage, coupled with reasons such as insufficient nutrition and fertility, the probability of producing single-head garlic is extremely high.Big.


2. Use small cloves of garlic

Under normal circumstances, when we grow garlic, we must choose garlic seeds with full garlic cloves, but we have to grow single cloves of garlic, and use small garlic cloves for seeding. The probability of single head garlic is high. An article says that the weight of 100 seeds does not exceed 90Grams of garlic, the single head rate can reach 90%.

Seeing this, do you understand that single head garlic does not have special seeds, it is grown with ordinary garlic, but through artificially changing the planting time, it affects vernalization, and the nutrients in the later period can not keep up. Let itForm a single garlic.

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