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The difference between plum rabbit ears fleshy and eagle rabbit ears

2019-09-10 09:24 Source: flower-fans Author: Wangxing Peng

Plum rabbit earsSucculentIt is similar to the leaf shape of eagle and rabbit ears, but there are differences between the two. Plum rabbit ear leaves are thinner, and the leaves are more round and triangular, and the color will appear lighter. The leaf edge teeth are small and thin, and the leaf points are prominent and dark in color., The most obvious difference is that there are thorny bumps on the back of the eagle rabbit ears, and the plum rabbit ears are smooth.

Plum rabbit ears

Eagle and Rabbit Ears

Mei rabbit ears andEagle and Rabbit EarsGrow faster in the early stage, slower in the later stage, strong habit, like a sunny and cool, dry environment, in addition to the summer can be properly shaded, other seasons can be given more sunlight, but the rainy season should be properly protected from rain. NormallyThe watering can be dry and watered, the soil can be more random, the proportion of peat can be slightly higher, and the garden soil can also be planted. Overall, plum rabbit ears andEagle and Rabbit EarsVery easy to maintain and suitable for novice planting. The lower leaves of plum rabbit ears will be consumed and dropped as the growth process, leaving scars on the bottom of the stem, usually without branches, so it is still a cute little rabbit in the early stage, and the lower part of the later stageBareness is not so cute. Plum rabbit ears bloom from spring to summer, but they rarely bloom.

Mei rabbit ears andEagle and Rabbit EarsReproductionLeaf inserts can be used, and the success rate of leaf inserts is very high. You can remove the leaves and cut a few knives on the edge of the leaves to promote the growth of new sprouts from the incision. It can also be chopped, and the head is easy to burstMultiple lateral buds.

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