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Will the bronze pot mage die if it blooms?

2019-09-10 10:53 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

SomeSucculentThe plant will die when it blooms, but it is also okay. Today, let’s come to see if Master Copper Kettle will die when it blooms. Normally the head of Master Copper Kettle will die, but the other heads will not. After blooming, the flowering headNot only will it die, but the corresponding branches will slowly wither. If the main head blooms, then the main stem will wither. Therefore, other branches need to be cut again, which is a bit troublesome.

So, if the skill level is high, these are not things. You can safely let the bronze pot mage bloom. After all, the mage is multi-headed. One or two deaths are not big problems. If the level is average, handle this kind of cutting headIt’s tricky. It is recommended to cut off the flower arrow in time to prevent it from blooming.

Bronze Pot MasterReproductionCan use cutting head cuttingsReproduction. In spring or autumn, cut off the side branches of the copper pot, apply carbendazim to dry the wound, and place the cuttings in a ventilated sandy soil. The roots will take about 15-20 days. After the roots grow slightlyThen you can move it to a flowerpot for planting. After cutting the head, the remaining stake will sprout new tiller buds. When it grows up, the bronze pot mage will become a beautiful multi-headed bouquet.

Like other masters, the bronze pot master likes a sunny, dry and ventilated growth environment, drought-resistant, not cold-resistant, high temperature in summer requires water, ventilation, and shading, and low temperature in winter requires cold protection and antifreeze. The planting soil is loose, breathable and fertileThe soil is better, and it is recommended that the peat particles are mixed with half of the soil. Watering follows the principle of not drying and not watering, and watering thoroughly.

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