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The difference between the dance of Bai Ji and the jade bell picture

2019-09-10 14:23 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Mu

SucculentThere are many varieties, some of them are very similar, so they are not very different. No, there is a flower friend asking the difference between the dance of Baiji and the jade bell, both of which areSedum branchKalanchoeSucculentPlants, so the leaf shape is very similar, but it is not difficult to distinguish.

The edge of the leaf of the jade bell is obviously jagged, the tip of the leaf is obviously narrower than the middle part, and the background color is grayish green. There are many kinds of brocade spots on the market. We pay attention to the leaf edge of the jade bell in the picture below.

While the leaves of Baijizhiwu are almost round especially the new leaves near the growing point, the jagged edges are not obvious. The background color is brighter than the jade bell. Compare the two pictures, right?It will be easier to see the difference.

Bai Ji’s Dance In an environment with very sufficient sunlight and a certain temperature difference, the leaves of Bai Ji’s Dance will show a beautiful lavender pink color. If the sun is moderate, the temperature difference is not enough or the watering is slightly frequent, Bai Ji’s Dance willIt will appear blue-green. If there is a long-term lack of sunlight, the dance of Baiji will be lengthy. The leaves will become green and spread out, the frost and powder will be reduced, the distance between the leaves will be elongated, and the ornamental value will be greatly reduced.

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