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How to raise Sun Wukong with meat

2019-09-17 23:01 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Linghui

A flower friend asked Monkey KingSucculentHow to raise, in fact, and otherSedum sedumSucculentPlant conservation methods are similar, Sun Wukong isSedum sedumGarlandiaSucculents, some flower friends call it a red rabbit, the leaf edge is smooth, without jagged, no dotted eyeliner, the leaf is narrow and long, the upper part of the leaf is dark brown, brown-red, dark coffee, and the lower part of the leaf is golden +Green is the base, and the shade changes with the sun.

The Monkey King has a strong growth habit, easy to grow in groups, easy to branch, and likes sunny and cool, dry environment. Except for proper shading in summer, it can be fully exposed in other seasons. The rainy season should be properly protected from rain. Usually watering can be dryThorough watering, the mix of soil can be more random, the proportion of peat can be slightly higher, the base fertilizer can be added appropriately, and the garden soil can also be planted.

The Monkey King needs a sunny and cool, dry environment, tolerant of half shade, fear of waterlogging, avoid sultry heat and humidity, if it is in a dark environment for a long time, the branches are weak and the hair is dull, which is not conducive to the formation of brown spots on the leaf surface. Monkey King hasIt grows in cold and cool seasons, and has the habit of high temperature and dormancy in summer. From September to June of the next year is the growth period of Monkey King the environment of flower friends is different, and the growth period also has length.The distance between the leaves will be longer, making the plant loose, the stem will be very fragile, the leaves will be elongated, and the color will be lighter.

While the Monkey King who grows in a sunny place, the plant is short and sturdy, and the arrangement of the leaves will be relatively compact. During the growth period, the soil needs to be kept slightly moist to avoid water accumulation. The soil can be peat soil mixed with granular soil, pay attentionLoose and breathable. Monkey King can withstand a low temperature of minus 2°C when the basin soil is dry. It is indoor temperature, not in the open air. The water is basically cut off throughout the winter, and it will start to dry slowly below 5 degrees. When the summer temperature exceeds 35°C, The growth of the entire plant is basically stagnant. At this time, watering should be reduced to prevent root rot due to excessive moisture in the pot soil. Ventilation should be strengthened, proper shading should be avoided, and long-term rain should be avoided during cultivation, otherwise it will rot.

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