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Why succulents always can’t feed

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AlthoughSucculentThe plants are not as popular as the previous years, but there are still many flower loversSucculentI like it very much, but there is always a doubt for novices, that is why succulents always can’t feed, although it’s about nowSucculentsThere are already a lot of experience data on conservation methods, but there are still flower friends who can’t maintain them wellSucculents, let’s take a look at what Huayou said.


Succulent plants must use plant materials with good air permeability and poor water retention. I use a combination of various minerals and river rocks, and use pure soil as plant materials in the pots. Most plants are not well maintained. WaterToo much is easy to drown, because the pure soil is too sticky and heavy, and once the pot soil is dry, it is difficult to pour thoroughly. The water runs along the edge of the pot, and there is a dry soil lump in the middle that is tightly holding the roots.One thing is reminiscent of the crops in the field. The flower pots and the fields are different. The crops in the field are harvested every six months, and deep ploughing is required, and there are some bugs in the soil that can help loosen the soil. So you want to raise a lot of them.Meat, plant material is very important.


In Xinle and the North China Plain, the last time Succulent was watered on July 10th. This time the water should be thoroughly watered. Succulent should be moved from the sun to a place not directly exposed to the sun, but it cannot be completely shaded.Succulents are leggy, thin and tall, not compact, and not good-looking. During the period, if you see that the succulents are seriously dehydrated the evaluation standard is to pinch the old leaves on the lower part with your nails, and they are soft, you can take advantage of the leaves after 8 pmAfter opening the stomata, use a watering can to replenish water with a small amount of leaves. Until August 15th, you can water a little. After September 1st, find a cloudy day and gradually move to the outdoor sun don't come out and expose it to the sun, and resume normal maintenance.


Succulents can only be watered at noon in winter, and can only be watered at night in other seasons. In sunny days with high temperatures, if watered during the day, Succulents will absorb water, and the internal cell walls will expand due to thermal expansion and contraction.Cracked, the leaves appear translucent term: water, pinch it up and soft, if you encounter a small poisonous infection, then black rot will appear. Also, if small drops of water are sprayed on the leaves in the sunOn top, there will be a magnifying glass effect, which will burn the leaves, and gray knots will appear after the wound is healed, which cannot be repaired and affects the appearance.


Succulent plants do not look at flowers, but enjoy leaves. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three essential elements for plant growth. Nitrogen grows leaves, phosphorus blooms, and potassium roots. Succulents do not need to be fertilized deliberately. Add some fermented rot when preparing plant materialsPeanut shells, or coconut shell fibers, to increase nutrition and air permeability. You can also spray the leaves with potassium dihydrogen phosphate twice before winter to increase the stress resistance of the plants. I use a barrel filled with edible oil to ferment some of the rice.Water and potato shredded water. These are the two treasures of the kitchen. The nutrients in the two kinds of water are comprehensive and balanced. But it must be fully fermented before use. The incompletely fermented fertilizer water will produce some ammonia gas due to the nitrifying bacteria in it.Make the water alkaline, and the fully fermented fertilizer water is weakly acidic. When using it, dilute it with water at 1:10. Some people like to use all kinds of kitchen scraps to make fat water, such as fish innards, melon peels, etc.It can be fermented in large bottles, but banana peels are not. Bananas contain a lot of magnesium.


Ventilation and ventilation are actually linked together. The roots of plants need to breathe. If you only think that the leaves of plants have respiration, it is wrong. In a closed airtight environment, most plants grow unhealthy and are prone to infections.In the sultry hot days, I sometimes turn on the fan to blow them.


Fresh tap water cannot water the flowers. Put it in the sun for a few days to let the chlorine in the tap water evaporate, and the chlorine makes the water pH alkaline. After a long time in the flower pot, once the pot soil dries, there will be a layerMatter like white powder and hoar frost, this may be the accumulation of inorganic salts formed by magnesium and calcium in the water. This is because there is a tray for receiving water at the bottom of each flowerpot. If the water is poured too much, it will not flow in the tray.When I left, I was sucked into the soil by the pot soil. After a long time, a layer of calcium-magnesium inorganic salt accumulated in these northern flower pots. To solve it, I used a small blue and white wine box base seePicture, put the flower pots up, so that the water that has washed the pot soil is no longer poured into the pot soil. Also, when it rains in summer, you can move the flower pots out and let the rain wash the pot soil.A lot of inorganic salt, the rainwater is mixed into the carbon dioxide in the air when it falls. At this time, the pH value of the rainwater is weakly acidic, and plants like it.

Leaf drop

As mentioned earlier, in Futian, watering of Succulents is forbidden. If you water them, you will be afraid of death. If you don’t water them, they will fall off the leaves crazy. This is not a disease. In fact, this is the self-protection mechanism of Succulents.Because the environment is no longer suitable for them to survive, succulents do not rely on seedsReproductionThe offspring mainly rely on the stems and leaves, and the environment becomes bad, so they should cut off the leaves as soon as possible, so that the body will absorb less heat, and the fallen leaves will take root and sprout again. This is its natural survival rule.The fundamental reason why my succulents grow more and more. Don’t dislike it just because it loses its leaves and leaves. It will grow again in autumn. Those who understand succulents know that “old piles” are more beautiful and more expensive. At the same time.The succulents of fallen leaves are also a feature of the dormant period. At this time, if you pour large amounts of water, the water will melt, and the water will be blackened. This is why most people's succulents cannot survive summer.


We must respect the living habits of plants. Most of the world's succulents are produced in South Africa. South Africa has a savannah climate and a Mediterranean climate. After learning geography, the savannah climate is not obvious in summer and winter, but it is divided into one yearDry and wet seasons. The Mediterranean climate is relatively dry in summer and rainy and mild in winter. That is to say, try to keep Succulents in a climate that is not sultry in summer and cold in winter. Then, why other people’s succulents are so colorful,The color is gorgeous, and your hair is green anytime? The three elements of fleshy hair color: water control, large temperature difference, and exposure. In the early spring, the weather is warm, and there is a 10 degree difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature at midnight.If it’s sunny, don’t water it, just put it outside on the balcony to enjoy the sun. It only takes half a month, the red is red, the blue is blue, the purple is purple............

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