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Picture of Pink Leaf Golden Flower

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  • Chinese name:Fen Ye Jin Hua
  • Alternative name:Pink calyx flower, pink paper fan
  • Latin scientific name:Mussaenda hybrida cv.Alicia
  • Family:Rubyaceae Jade Leaf Gold Flower
  • Origin distribution:Tropical Africa, Asia

Pen Ye Jin Hua is also called pink calyx flower, pink paper fan, double-petal powder paper fan. It is an evergreen or semi-deciduous shrub of Rubiaceae Yu Ye Jinhua, belonging to a tropical plant. The flowers are actually sepals. Because they are not hardy, they are in temperate regions.Can only be potted.

The leaves are opposite, papery, oblong, whole, with rough surface. Cymes are terminal, small yellow flowers, star-shaped, and fall off quickly, but their sepals will remain for a long time, and the sepals will be enlarged and bloomThe tree is full of pink at the time, very beautiful, and the flowering period is from summer to autumn and winter.

In the same genus, it is also seen in cultivation that the sepals are white jade leaf golden flowers also known as white paper fans, white butterflies, flowers tea, vines, butterfly vines, wasp vines, red leaf golden flowers with red sepals also known as redPaper fans, red calyx flowers and other varieties.

Picture: Fenyejinhua picture

Picture: Fenyejinhua picture

Picture: Fenyejinhua picture

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