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Usage and difference of Aolv Fertilizer and Huaduoduo models

2020-10-16 07:23 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Ao Green Manure

Controlled release fertilizer slow release fertilizer

Aolvfei No. 1 NPK NPK 14-14-14 General balanced fertilizer for 3 to 4 months, especially suitable for shorter growing periodFlowersor base fertilizer for vegetables

Aolvfei No. 5 NPK NPK 14-13-13 General balanced fertilizer for 5-6 months, suitable for flowers or woody plants with longer growth period

Olympic Green Fertilizer A2 9-14-19+MgO+Fe is suitable for 5-6 monthsSucculent, bulbs, fruits and plants with longer flowering period

Olympic Green Fertilizer 501 15-10-12+2MgO+TE TE trace element balanced fertilizer. The upgraded version of Oulu Green 5, with iron and trace elements, is very suitable for plants that have a certain demand for trace elements, such as geranium and some woodThis etc.

Olympic Green Fertilizer 601 10-11-18+2MgO+TE 5-6 months Orchid/aquatic such as water lily bowl lotus, non-hydroponic plants and some plants with longer flowering period and certain demand for trace amounts.

Aolu Fertilizer 801 16-8-12+2MgO+TE is used for evergreen foliage plants of 8-9 months. And the base fertilizer for the first stage of the growth period of two-year-old herbs and woody plants.

Mini Austrian Green Manure 12-11-17+2MgO+TE 6 weeks for planting seedlings, cutting skewer seedlings to promote roots, and for some plants that are allergic to salt during seedlings

Lots of flowers

Quick-acting fertilizer water-soluble fertilizer

Huaduoduo No. 1 NPK NPK 20-20-20 universal fertilizer, which can be used in the normal stage of ordinary plants. Other periods such as flowering period can be combined with Huaduoduo 2 for alternate use on plants.

Huaduoduo No. 2 NPK NPK 10-30-20 for flowering and root promotion. It can be used during flower bud differentiation or rapid root growth of any flowering plant

Huaduoduo No. 10 NPK NPK 30-10-10 can be used in the rapid growth period of general plants such as a stage after planting, which is equivalent to human development, and can also be used for foliage plants

Hua Duoduo No. 8 20-10-20PL is used for hydroponics, especially for soilless cultivation of foliage, which can be used to prepare hydroponics

Hua Duoduo No. 9 20-10-20PL is dedicated for pineapple without boron

Huaduoduo No. 115-11-26+5MgO+4S Orchid and aquatic plants, also can be used for flowering and fruiting hydroponic plants

Huaduoduo No. 12 15-10-30 Potted plants are used to supplement potassium ions, especially those used when potassium ions are lost due to frequent irrigation not for certain plants

Huaduoduo No. 13 15-0-15+15CaO is dedicated to nursery seedlings, which can help seedlings grow quickly

Huaduoduo No. 20 21-7-7+13S 50g Rhododendron, Camellia, Gardenia, Begonia, Podocarpus and other acid-loving plants, and most other foliage plants are also available

Hua Duoduo No. 22 20-30-10Chinese roseFor rose only

Huaduoduo 36 TE trace element fertilizer contains sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, etc. It is used for plants lacking trace elements and when they lack trace elements, such asOrchid, bulbous, woody, fleshy, etc.

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