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Can you use alcohol instead of carbendazim?

2020-10-08 08:45 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original

Carbendazim chlorothalonil and others have gradually become flower friendsGrowing flowersIt's a necessity, but some flower friends are not willing to use drugs, so I ask if there is no carbendazim can be replaced with alcohol, here can tell flower friends that it is not good, alcohol is volatile, and alcohol kills only the surface bacteriaCarbendazim is a systemic agent. We soak bulbs or roots of plant branches in carbendazim. Plants can absorb the bactericidal components of carbendazim into the plant body, thereby killing harmful flora.

Another point is that carbendazim is more of a curing agent, which means that when a plant has a disease, we use carbendazim to have the most direct effect, and if it is only for prevention, use chlorophyllChlorothalonil is more suitable because it is a protective fungicide. Chlorothalonil has no systemic conduction effect, but after spraying on the plant body, it can have good adhesion on the body surface and is not easy to be washed away by rain.The validity period is longer.

The effect of alcohol is only that for a while. Plants can’t stand it for a long time, and the effect is short, and the concentration of alcohol disinfection is also required, so it is not recommended to replace carbendazim with alcohol. The most important thing is polybacteriaLing and chlorothalonil are not expensive, a pack of about 2 yuan, can be regarded as standing flowers!

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