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The bark of the fortune tree is soft and rotten, can it live if it is torn off

2020-10-07 19:47 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Ask from a flower friendFortune TreeThe skin is soft and rotten, can I still live if I tear it off? I have to tell the truth.Fortune TreeAfter rotten roots appear, the first reaction is not on the leaves, but gradually rotten from the roots to the trunk, usually from the bottom to the top. Sometimes we will find that the bottom half is rotten and the top half is healthy, So some florists wondered if they could cut it off and let the upper part regenerate.

It’s a pity to tell the flower friends that this situation cannot be said to be 100% useless, at least 99% of our ordinary flower friends can’t be saved again, because I have tried, if the temperature and humidity are sterilized and disinfected.If we do well, we may be able to re-root, but we can’t, so it’s just in vain.

Of course, there are also many articles on the Internet saying that it can be saved. In fact, those editors may not have seen what the bark of a fortune tree rots and peels off. It is only a theoretical thing. I have also seen the great god save the fortune of the bark.The method of the tree is also very simple. It is to saw off and keep the healthy stems on it. Then the bed is anti-virus and antiseptic, and the wound is dried and replanted to allow it to take root.

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