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The tip of the spring grass is yellow and the bulb is buried deeply, dry and water-deficient to bury 2/3 of the soil

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Spring grass leaf tip is yellow

1, drought and lack of water and high temperature

First of all, the biggest reason why spring grass leaf tips are yellow is that spring grass that likes to grow in a humid environment due to insufficient watering, once long-term lack of water, it will cause spring grass leaves to yellow and wither or even die alive.Too high temperature will also cause damage to the spring grass. The leaves will turn yellow due to heat. At this time, you should strengthen the watering of the spring grass, and then spray water mist to reduce the temperature of the spring grass.

2, spring grass dormant in summer

Spring grass has a characteristic, that is, when spring grass reaches a high temperature in summer, spring grass will enter a dormant period. At this time, spring grass bulbs will stop supplying nourishment to the branches and leaves. So the flower friends who maintain spring grass,Naturally, you will find that the tip of the spring grass of egg yolk grass is yellow, and even slowly all the leaves are withered. Florists don’t have to worry. Normally maintain the spring grass bulbs. When autumn comes, new springs will grow on the bulbs.Grass branches and leaves.

How deep is the spring grass bulb buried

The roots of spring grass are different from other ornamental plants. Spring grass is a big bulb. Buy back spring grass in the pot. Many people don’t know how deep the spring grass bulbs are buried. If you have cultivated it before, you know, its bulbsIt is directly exposed, and the bulbs of spring grass cannot be completely exposed like the ground cannot, but buried two-thirds of the soil, which is more conducive to the growth of spring grass.

Deep pot or shallow pot is used for spring grass

Spring grass is a small foliage plant. It is reasonable to use a small flower pot, but the bulb of spring grass is relatively large. At this time, the flower pot should not be too small. Otherwise, it will affect the spring grass.For growing, it is best to choose a deep flower pot, you can choose a large and deep Vientiane pot.

Spring grass blooms for a few years

Many flowers bought back spring grass. I didn’t know that spring grass could bloom. When we waited from February to April of the coming year, it turned out that the spring grass bloomed. This is a big surprise. In fact, you only need to buy the spring grass to maintain the spring grass.It is an adult plant, which can bloom in the second year after transplanting and planting, and the spring grass has transformed into an ornamental plant.

Spring grass can be raised for several years

Many people look at spring grass, and subconsciously, a spring grass is a kind of herb, and its life span is definitely not long. It is enough to maintain the spring grass and watch it for 2 to 3 years. This is a wrong idea, springGrass is a perennial bulbSucculentPlants, lifespan can be said to be beyond your imagination, as long as they can be maintained, there is no problem with spring grass living for 20 years.

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