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Flower seeds suitable for planting in autumn

2020-10-16 06:47 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Balcony or courtyard potted plantsFlowers suitable for planting in autumn, recommend youSuitable for planting in autumnFlowersseed. The blooming is neat, the amount of flowers is large, and the flowering period is lasting

Explosion pot weapon1, petunia

Petunia is a plant with a relatively high planting rate. It is suitable for potted plants, with neat flowering, many flower colors, and a long-lasting flowering period. It can bloom from spring to late autumn. It is a grass flower variety that many flower lovers like very much.

According to different plant types, petunia can be divided into upright type, hanging type, and low type. When choosing seeds, pay attention to the characteristics of the variety series. The hanging type is more suitable for planting in highIn flower pots, or in hanging pots, the erect plants will grow taller and tend to fall down later.

2, pansy / pansy

Panthera and pansy are more suitable for potted plants, and they are also commonly used green ground cover flowers. The difference between pansy and pansy is mainly the size of the flower. The flowers of pansy are smaller, and those of pansyThe flowers are larger.

The pansy has a low plant type, neat flowering, long flowering period, and the pansy has a lot of flower colors, you can choose your favorite flower color, or multi-color mixed.

3, six times profit

Six times Li and Lobelia are explosive pots. Although the flowers are small, they have a lot of flowers. They are easy to bloom in spring. The flowering period lasts for a long time and is very easy to feed. It can be cultivated in pots or planted in flower beds.The edges are all very good.

Six times benefits are also more colors. Blue monsters personally prefer blue ones. After all, there are many flowers in spring, red, green, and green, and blue flowers are more prominent.

4, Aster

Aster may have few flower-friendly species. In fact, aster is very easy to feed, and the flowers are neat, the plants are low, and they can be planted in front of flower beds or mirrors. The color of aster is less and more common.Pink and blue turn color, Blue Demon personally recommends planting blue turn, the color is very beautiful.

5, Phlox

Phlox is an ideal autumn potted flower, and there are many colors, but please avoid perennial phlox. The perennial plant is very tall and has poor branching. Although the flowers are very similar, the plant characteristics are completely different..

The flowering period of Phlox is very neat, and the probability of exploding pots is higher than that of petunia. Autumn sowing can often pinch the head during the seedling stage to promote branching, and one flower pot with a diameter of 30 cm can be exploded.

6, gypsophila

Gypsophila paniculata is recognized as a sharp weapon for bursting pots. The small-flowered gypsophila is very suitable for potted plants. The large-flowered gypsophila grows tall and is not suitable for potted plants. You should pay attention to the distinction. However, the large-flowered gypsophila is also very suitable for blooming.good-looking.

Regarding the explosive weapon, Blue Demon recommends these 6 species first. Of course, there are many other varieties, which are also very capable of growing, such as Cineraria. Tomorrow the Blue Demon will continue to recommend you suitable autumn sowing for the matching of flower glassesVariety.

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