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What kind of soil is best for Anthurium don't take detours

2020-10-15 07:21 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

I saw a flower friend asking what kind of soil is best for Anthurium. In fact, there is no best soil. As long as it suits you, Anthurium is the southern oneFlowersSo, if you use the northern garden soil to grow directly, naturally it will not grow well. Generally speaking, the loose and breathable nutrient soil and leaf deciduous soil on the market can grow Anthurium andraeanum, this is no problem.

Under normal circumstances, a well-drained substrate, a composite substrate of peat, perlite, and sand is sufficient. The most important thing for Anthurium is to maintain the environment, especially in the northern regions, where the optimum growth temperature for Anthurium is 20-30℃, the highest temperature should not exceed 35℃, the lowest temperature is 14℃, below 10℃ there may be freezing damage at any time. The optimum relative humidity of the air is 70%-80%, not less than 50%, because the cultivation environment is maintainedHigher air humidity is the key to the success of anthurium cultivation. Therefore, spray water on the leaves several times throughout the year.

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