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Picture of Dragon Blood Tree

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  • Chinese name:Dragon Blood Tree
  • Alternative name:Horse mule cane tree, dracaena angustifolia, dragon blood tree long-flowered, and no talent tree
  • Latin scientific name:Dracaena angustifolia
  • Family:Liliaceae Dracaena
  • Origin distribution:Southern China and tropical Asia

Dragon's blood tree is also called horse mule cane tree, narrow-leaf dragon's blood tree, long-flowered dragon's blood tree, the plant shape is very beautiful, the leaves are colorful, bright and beautiful. Some varieties have dense yellow spots on the leaves, which are loved by people.It is a stellate tree. Some varieties have yellow vertical stripes on the leaves, which can secrete a light fragrance. People call it fragrant dracaena. Some varieties have white, milky white and beige stripes embedded on the leaves., People also call it the three-color dragon blood tree. The stem of the dragon blood tree can secrete bright red resin, which is why the "dragon blood" dragon blood tree is famous.

Picture: Picture of Dragon Blood Tree

Picture: Picture of Dragon Blood Tree

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