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How to grow peony picture and text

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It’s almost time to plant peony, many florists don’t know how to plant peony. This article is a planting example of a florist the world’s first fragrance. The issues that florists care about will be reflected in the sample species, I hope to be helpful to flower friends!

The suitable time for planting peony is generally from late August in the summer heat to late September autumn equinox. It can be postponed appropriately in southern regions. If it is a potted plant, it is best to choose a tile pot with a diameter of 25-35 cm and a depth of 30-40For ground plants, dig holes with a diameter of about 20 cm and a depth of about 35 cm.

When potting, the bottom of the pot can be covered with coarse sand or pebble with a 3-5 cm thick bottom layer to facilitate drainage. The pot soil is suitable to use a mixture of yellow sand soil and cake fertilizer, or use decomposed organic fertilizer, garden soil, coarseSoil mixed with sand in a ratio of 1:1:1.

Put the burnt seedlings into the soil hole. The depth of the seedlings should be 3cm lower than the soil level. Finally, fill the hole with soil, pour it thoroughly, and then pour a 10cm mound to prevent cold and warmth and markFunction. After planting, depending on the soil conditions, water can be properly watered through the winter.

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