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Conservation method of succulent plant Wasong

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Wa SongweiSedum branchVapine is a plant in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and some areas in the north. It was originally wild in the hillside gravel and the cracks or on the walls of old houses, but it is rarely seen in modern cities. Second, its plants are small and delicate.The shape is beautiful, and the flowers are small but luxuriant. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that can blindly clear away heat and detoxify.

In recent years, Wasson has been affectedFlowersFavorites of enthusiasts, many people keep on their roofs and balconies one after another, and some people use tile pine as a covering plant to green the roof. However, it is difficult to bloom and often die halfway in the family maintenance. I am at homeI have been raising it on my balcony for several years, and I have found some experience and discussed it with my flower friends.

Select a suitable container

When we started to grow corona pine, we raised it in an ordinary flowerpot, and the roots were often rotten and died. Although there was not much soil in the cracks on the old roof, the corona pine grew very well. This may be because there is too much soil in the flowerpot.After watering, the basin soil was too humid. Therefore, if you want to raise the tile well, you have to create an environment similar to roof tile joints. Later, a small plastic box for biscuits was tried as a container, and half of the nutrient soil was placed underneath.Half of the coarse river sand was placed on the top, and small seedlings of coriander were planted. Because there was not much soil, the water dried quickly after watering, and no rotten roots occurred. Later, a small bowl with a diameter of 3 inches was used, and the bottom of the pot was filled with 3 cm gravel., Nutrient soil 3 cm, coarse river sand 2 cm, the effect is also very good.

Choose the right time for transplanting

For transplanting in spring, you should choose dense rosette-shaped leaf clusters after overwintering, which can bloom in the same year after survival. For transplanting in summer and autumn, you should choose annual seedlings. In fact, the cultivation of plants in the original place is relatively simple, but cultivated varieties such as "Fuji" should pay attention in summerVentilation, watering should be controlled at high temperature. The mother plant will produce daughter plants around, which can be used forReproduction.

All in all, the most important thing in the planting and maintenance of Wasong is to avoid rotten roots, that is, rather than waterlogging and soil medium.

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