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Is the bird hardy cold? What is the lowest temperature for winter

2019-09-09 20:56 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Linghui

Autumn is here, and winter is not far away. A flower friend asked if bird plum is cold, in fact, bird plumBonsaiThe cold resistance is far more than we think. Although we can't tell exactly what the lowest temperature of the bird plum is for the winter, based on the feedback of flower lovers from all over the country, we should be able to summarize it.

Huayou a: minus 15 in southern Anhui, nothing short-term

Huayoub: According to observations: Bird plum in Chaohu Lake can withstand short-term low temperature of -10℃, potted plants can withstand low temperature of -5℃.

The cold resistance of potted finch plums is definitely much worse than that of ground plants. To be conservative, it can survive the winter safely at minus 4-5 degrees Celsius. This mainly depends on the condition of the root system. If the root system grows well, the cold resistance will be much higher.Briefly talk about the maintenance of bird plums in winter. Because the dry skin of bird plums is relatively thin and prone to frostbite, so even in winter, we must keep the soil water content a little bit. It should not be too dry. If it is too wet, it is easy to freeze.Humidity will do.

If it is not convenient to move indoors outside, you can cover it with a larger plastic sheet for the winter, and occasionally change the air.

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