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Are flat branches xún easy to raise? How to water

2019-10-22 11:47 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Mu

Cotoneaster platyphylla is a semi-evergreen creeping shrub, which is made if it is less than 0.5 meters highBonsaiCommon material, a flower friend asked Cotoneaster HiraeBonsaiHow to raise, let's use several common links soil, watering, environment, pruning, etc. to explain the main points of the maintenance of Cotoneaster bonsai.

1. Soil

Bonsai is different from ground planting. Bonsai has higher requirements for soil. It is recommended that vegetable garden soil: slag=3:1; or garden soil: medium coarse river sand: sawdust Ru slag=4:1:2; or riceOne of soil, pond mud, and leaf rot.

2. Environment

For plants, the environment is a very important link. Cotoneaster likes sufficient light, humid or semi-dry climate, and requires the relative temperature of the air in the growth environment to be 50-70%, when the relative humidity of the air is too lowThe lower leaves turn yellow and fall off, and the upper leaves are dull.

3. Watering

Occasionally, the soil is slightly dry, but do not dry out, but do not water too frequently. As long as the soil has moisture, you do not need to water. Especially in winter, the soil should be a little bit dry, and the moisture in summer and other growing seasons can be slightly larger.a little.

4. Trim

For plastic pruning, florists can trim according to their own preferences and plant morphology. I won’t say much here. Simply talk about daily pruning. In winter, the plants enter the dormant or semi-dormant period.Cut off dead, over-dense branches. It can also be combined with cuttings to organize the branches.

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