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Introduction to Taiwan Shou Niang Zi plant picture

2019-06-13 22:40 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
It's really not easy to find a brief introduction of Taiwan Shou Niang Zi plant, so the editor decided to organize it by herself, Taiwan Shou Niang Zi is TaiwanBonsaiA variety that fans prefer, it can be called the representative plant of the local potted tree species, and there are many individual variations, such as round leaves, rice leaves, sawtooth leaves, variegated leaves, etc., which have fast growth, excellent budding ability,Pruning, less disease in the case of good ventilation and other advantages.
The basic information is posted below:
Shou Niangzi Premna obtusifolia, also known as Stink Niangzi, Cha Niangzi, Qiao Niangzi, Smelly Yellow Wattle, Beef Bone Aberdeen, Thick-shelled Aberdeen, Small Leaf Fish Stinky Wood, Tofu Wood; The main species of Taiwanese potted plants is Small Leaf Shou Niang Zi Premnaobtusifolia R. Br., it is easy to cultivate in the process of pot cultivation and creation. Its branches are small and not easy to wither, and the price is very common. It is the tree species of choice for small pots.

Edit: flower-fans
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