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potted apple tree seedling planting skills

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Potted apple trees in the flower circle have a long history, and they are hereFlowersThe market can also often see potted apple trees full of apples some js are high-pressure branches on the big tree, and later planted in the pot, in fact, this requires careful management, let’s take a look at potted applesSapling planting skills.

Generally, when we pot apple trees, we choose to start planting with small seedlings, because firstly, small seedlings are cheap, and secondly, because of the potting space, too large seedlings can’t be planted in pots, so we mostly plant apple trees.Trimmed to be smallerBonsaiPlanting like a potted plant does not allow it to grow into a tree.

When we choose potted apple saplings, it is best to choose dwarf varieties, which is more convenient for later management. If you use apple seeds to sow by yourself, this kind of seedlings are called seedlings, and seedlings are sexualReproduction, there is a juvenile period, so the initial stage does not produce results. When the juvenile period is over, it will be fruitful when it enters the mature period. Even if the results are generally not as good as the fruits before planting, it needs to be improved later by grafting, which is not in line with our potted plants.The original intention.

Let’s talk about daily planting skills below.

In terms of environment, apples are fruits in the north. If you plan to plant apples in pots, an open-air and well-lit environment is essential. This is the key to future results. If you want to pot apples in southern regions, florists must pay attention to the selection of varieties, becauseApples cannot normally dormant in the winter in the south, so it is necessary to know in advance whether the varieties of the varieties can bear fruit normally in the south.

For flower pots, the bigger the pot, the better, so pay attention to the root growth of the apple seedlings. Generally speaking, a flower pot with a diameter of 40 cm is enough. Pay attention to the bottom of the pot with holes.

In terms of soil, you don't need to choose peat for growing apple trees. The outside garden soil is fine. If possible, you can mix in some slow-release fertilizer or organic fertilizer.

Regarding watering, don’t overlog, don’t accumulate water, and do a little occasionally.

In terms of pruning, for potted plants, pruning is a more important part. We can model according to our own preferences and the characteristics of the plants. If the later flowering results, we should pay attention to thinning flowers and fruits, after all, potted plants cannot support too much hangingfruit.

In terms of fertilization, because we are potted plants, we need more fertilizer, but we should not fertilize too much at one time. It is best to apply thin fertilizer and more, once a week.

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