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The difference between anthurium and anthurium see the difference in a picture

2019-06-29 15:55 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
Regarding the difference between anthurium and anthurium, we have to look at it from two aspects. On the one hand, in most cases, what we buy or maintain is anthurium, which is the scientific name anthurium, becauseDifferent businesses may call it different names. For example, some people call it anthurium flower. At this time, we don’t need to distinguish between them, because in many cases anthurium and anthurium refer to the same plant-anthurium.
On the other hand, I just want to know if anthurium and anthurium are the same plant.
Anthurium and anthurium are two different plants, both of which are perennial evergreen plants of the genus Anthurium of the Araceae family, but their appearance will be a little different. I won’t say much about the theory, just talk about the intuitive difference, That is to look at the flowers. In the picture below, we can intuitively see that the flowers of the anthurium are quite special, do they look a bit like anthuriums. Let’s take a look at the anthurium next door, the style is more upright, and the color is mostly yellow orLight yellow.
In addition, there are many gardening species of Anthurium, with pale pink powder and other colors, while the color of anthurium is relatively single, generally the red in the picture.
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